West Washington Park

994 South Washington St.
Denver, CO 80209.

Here are some links to various things you might want to know about the neighborhood:

Lincoln Elementary

Steele Elementary

There are two local moms' groups in the area. One is the Mothers of Denver, and the other is the Moms Club of Wash Park.

Another great local group is the awesome Cooking With Friends. Luckily the kitchen at 994 is great for cooking while entertaining.

We have lots of good preschools, including our favorite Larks.

Washington Park is by far Denver's best park, great running trails, lots of volleyball weeknights, summer concerts by the Denver Municipal Band and movies, a footrace like the Furry Scurry once a month or so. Don't worry, the park is just far enough away that people don't park in front of the house.

Our local community paper is terrific.

The neighborhood association is very active, and is currently working on converting Washington and Emerson back to two-way streets, which will be a huge improvement for the entire neighborhood.